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The Ovation Group Difference

Our mission is to foster vibrant and connected communities in sustainable environments using the latest, most innovative technologies.

We are an Australian-owned Embedded Network Operator

with a laser-sharp focus on sustainability. Our comprehensive processes and feature-rich ecosystem of intelligent solutions, combined with our highly experienced management team, enable us to nurture every aspect of each development. This allows us to deliver outstanding results, every time.

Full-Service Capabilities

We take a holistic approach to the provision of essential services infrastructure, offering proven capabilities throughout all stages of the process, right through to the management of your assets.

Strength in Knowledge

Our vast experience and the knowledge of our management teams are an irrefutable asset to your project. Our unique approach will help you to optimise your projects by providing you with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Streamlined Processes

As a highly regarded authority within infrastructure deployment, we provide transparency and clarity throughout the process, delivering confidence throughout the journey.

The Ovation Group Difference

The Ovation Group is an Embedded Network Provider that merges industry-leading technologies to drive net-zero outcomes for a sustainable future. As a registered Embedded Network and Microgrid Provider, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to the community.  

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Our Ecosystem

Our specialised services combined with our unique partnerships make up our diverse Ecosystem. This Ecosystem encompasses all our resources working together harmoniously. This delivery model works to provide an efficient and holistic solution. We solve problems using an integrated combination of services, encompassing the latest technologies and our innovative partners to provide the most appropriate solution for each of our clients.

Who We Help

At The Ovation Group, we offer a tailored approach in which we seek to understand your unique requirements and develop bespoke solutions to match. Our Embedded Network Solutions are built to cater specifically to the needs of stakeholders to create thriving, connected communities.


We work with developers who are searching for more sustainable solutions or seeking to save time and maximise their return on investment, particularly when working on mid-large-scale developments.

Owners Corporations

The Ovation Group aims to help these groups by streamlining utilities infrastructure for the benefit of developers, owners corporations, strata managers and committees, property owners, and, in turn, the wider community. We specialise in the design and deployment of essential services for new developments and existing sites, such as apartment blocks, retirement homes, and office buildings.


We provide innovative, sustainable solutions that ultimately affect residents, and tenants in particular. Our integrated solutions come with a high level of customer service, including dedicated customer portals for streamlined asset management and satisfied tenants who can reap the benefits of a vibrant, connected community.

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As one of Australia’s leading property and technology integration companies, we are entrusted to assist businesses in harnessing the benefits of innovation to help reduce the carbon footprint of the wider community, while working collaboratively with our partners to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and security of the industry’s ever-growing energy demands.
Learn more about our sustainability mission.

Our People

At The Ovation Group, our people are an integral part of what makes us successful. We focus on nurturing our people through comprehensive training and mentorship opportunities in order to maximise efficiency and provide the best possible service to our clients.

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