Mining & Resources

Mining and Resource sites have to balance project costs with the need for efficient power and communications for every project, especially when operating in remote areas. These remote sites require an enormous amount of off-grid power generation alongside consistently reliable communications infrastructure, in order to complete projects on budget and to deadline.

What We Offer Mining And Resources Sectors

We specialise in the provisioning of sustainable power and satellite communications for mining and resource sites in a range of capacities to address your project requirements. We offer complex microgrid solutions for standalone and remote sites. Remote area off-grid power systems require large volumes of industrial power and can result in significant operating costs for businesses. We understand just how critical it is to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and maximise profitability.

Our Renewable Solar Power solutions can provide reliable continuous power to industrial sites without adversely impacting the environment. We use sustainable energy technology with high-quality components, built to withstand harsh environments and a variety of weather conditions. We also have inbuilt backup power solutions so your project timeline is not impacted by adverse weather. Our sustainable power solutions require far less maintenance than diesel generators.

The Ovation Group Difference

We can assist you from the very beginning of your project to install and implement off-grid power solutions and complex satellite communications technology. We can offer a range of off-grid power solutions in various capacities to meet your needs, and scale these systems, if required, to meet your changing requirements or support your project expansions.

These sustainable solutions typically involve lower installation costs and operating costs than non-renewable solutions, reducing your project output substantially. If you’re on a tight timeline, we can also offer rapid deployment of power solutions, including remote sites.

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