Privacy policy


We understand that the privacy of your information is important to you, and we respect the confidentiality of the information that you provide to us.

Ovation Group Pty Ltd and its related bodies corporate are committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of customers. This Privacy Policy outlines the practices and processes Ovation Group has in place to manage and safeguard that information.

Ovation Group is bound by current Australian Privacy Legislation including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), which regulate how we may collect, use, disclose and store personal information, and how individuals may access, and correct personal information held about them.

In providing our products and services we share information with others and the Ovation Group Privacy Policy provides details about this disclosure.

Ovation Group is also subject to other laws relating to the use of personal information. In certain circumstances, Ovation Group may be subject to privacy obligations under the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth). Ovation Group’s direct marketing activities must also comply with the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Cth) and the Spam Act 2010 (Cth). In this Privacy Policy, unless the context otherwise requires:

Australian Information Commissioner:

  • Privacy Law refers to any legislative or other legal requirements that apply to Ovation Group’s collection, use, disclosure, or handling of personal information.
  • Personal information means information or an opinion about an identified individual or a reasonably identifiable individual, whether the information or opinion is true or not, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not. Personal information includes sensitive information.
  • Sensitive information means personal information about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions or memberships, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, professional or trade association/union memberships, sexual preferences and practices, or criminal record.


Ovation Group collects information in a range of circumstances including when you contact us regarding the products and services we provide.

We will only collect personal information about you by lawful and fair means. We usually collect personal information directly from you (or from someone you’ve authorised to deal with us on your behalf) for example when:

  • You enquire about or seek a quote from a product or service we sell;
  • You apply for or purchase a product available through Ovation Group;
  • You contact us by telephone, email, or online;
  • You visit our website;
  • We supply any other products or services to you; or
  • From marketing and similar lists we obtain from third parties.

Ovation Group collects or holds personal information about individuals who are:

  • Prospective customers- This includes people who indicate to us that they are interested in our products and services or who we think may be interested in our products and services as well as people who have expressed interest in obtaining or learning more about those products and services.
  • Current customers This includes people who purchase a product or use a service from Ovation Group.
  • Past customers These are people who have purchased products or services from any of Ovation Group’s related entities but do not currently hold any active accounts with Ovation Group.

Ovation Group may treat current and past customers as prospective customers for other products and services of Ovation Group.

if we collect personal information about you from a third party, we will only do so using fair and lawful means and if we or the third party have received your consent to do so.

Ovation Group may collect personal information about associates of its customers, for example, Ovation Group may collect personal information about nominated or authorised representatives, the holder of a credit card that is used to pay a customer’s account, a person who acts as a secondary account holder, a person who acts as guarantor for a credit contract, the landlord of a tenanted property or the nominated contact on a business account.

Ovation Group also collects personal information about all the individuals who are involved in providing Ovation Group’s products and services. This includes:

  • Staff of Ovation Group’s related bodies corporate and other companies in Ovation Group’s group; and
  • Service providers and suppliers, agents and affiliates, and their staff.


Ovation Group may be able to provide limited services to you without requiring you to identify yourself. This will only be possible where it is lawful and practicable to do so. For example, you may be able to enquire about a service or obtain general information about our products and services.

However, for most of our services, we usually require your personal information before we can provide you with any of our products and services.


Ovation Group collects a wide range of personal information about its customers, but the type and amount of information collected depends on the service being provided.

Ovation Group needs to collect basic identifying and contact information from customers, including prospective customers. This typically includes name, date of birth, email address, residential address, and telephone number(s).

Depending on the service you’ve asked that we provide, we may collect government-related identifiers, such as Medicare numbers, or a driver’s license number. We only collect such details where it is lawful to do so. We do not use government-related identifiers as our identifiers of individuals.

When a service is used by Ovation Group, you become or apply to become a customer you may be redirected to the relevant website or business operated by Ovation Group. In doing so, Ovation Group’s related bodies corporate may collect a range of other information that it needs to assess your application, submit your application, and manage your accounts.

Ovation Group uses a third-party payment provider to process first time connection payments and direct debits. Payment method information (such as credit or debit card number, bank account information or payment card image selected by you) will be stored with the third-party payment provider, however fully encrypted to Ovation Group. Ovation Group currently uses ‘Stripe’. Please refer to their Privacy Policy for more information.

We also collect information about the way our customers use Ovation Group’s products and services. This includes information about service usage, payment patterns, history, inquiries, and complaints.

Ovation Group will always take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is secure and protected.


Ovation Group generally obtains your consent before we collect your personal information unless otherwise permitted by law.

In most instances, we collect personal information about prospective customers both directly and via our agents, service providers, and affiliates.

We collect this information:

  • Through our contact centres or staff
  • Via phone, post, email, or SMS;
  • From third parties, related bodies corporate, and third parties providing services to us;
  • Through Ovation Group’s websites, or websites operated by Ovation Group’s affiliates;
  • Through 3rd party websites (incl. google) and social media platforms; and
  • Through data aggregation services.

We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information so that we can:

  • Provide you with services and products;
  • Assess your eligibility for the products and services we offer;
  • In some cases, to let you know your service is up for renewal or to manage your payments;
  • On your request, set up direct debit payments using your credit card;
  • Verify your identity and manage any enquiries or complaints you have after you’ve used our services or purchased a product through us;
  • Let you know about other products, services, or promotional offers we think may be of interest to you;
  • Ensure we comply with the requirements of our participating providers;
  • Conduct research analysis to improve our understanding of your interests in relation to our services and offers;
  • Develop insights from our interactions with our customers to enhance our services and the way we deliver them; and
  • Analyse your interactions and use of our services to understand the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives;

We may also use your information for other purposes required or authorised by or under law, including purposes for which you have provided your consent.

Ovation Group may receive unsolicited personal information from time to time. In accordance with its obligations under Privacy Law, Ovation Group will decide whether it would have been permitted to solicit and collect that information and if it would not have been, will destroy or de-identify the information (provided it is lawful to do so).


Where Ovation Group collects personal information, the personal information (including sensitive information) will only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected unless the law requires or permits use or disclosure for another purpose, or permission is given by the individual to use or disclose the information for another purpose.

For example:

  • Personal information collected from you for the purpose of establishing or managing an account may be used and disclosed for identity verification purposes, credit checking, connecting, and administering a service, assessing entitlements to concessions, billing, and collection and investing and rectifying complaints or faults.
  • Personal information collected from you to establish or manage an account may also be used for the marketing of other products and services of Ovation Group.

Ovation Group may contact prospective, current, or past customers about products and services including products not related to a product or service previously supplied. We may use personal information for the purpose it was intended or consented to predominantly, but not limited to, marketing and consumer insights and for the products and services provided by Ovation Group and its partners.

Direct marketing communications may be sent via post, email, telephone, social media, or other means. However:

  • Ovation Group will not use personal or sensitive information for direct marketing purposes without your consent.
  • Ovation Group will not use personal or sensitive information for direct marketing purposes where we have obtained the personal or sensitive information from a third party unless otherwise consented by you.
  • Ovation Group will always allow you to opt-out of or unsubscribe from direct marketing communications.
  • You may opt-out or unsubscribe from direct marketing communications at any time by emailing us at or clicking the opt-out link in your email.

Depending on the type of product or service, Ovation Group and their partners may disclose personal information to third parties who assist in or provide the product or service to Ovation Group’s customers. These include

  • Sales agents, centre management, and representatives;
  • Printers, mail distributors, couriers, and dispatch centres;
  • Contact centres operated by entities outside Ovation Group;
  • IT service providers and data managers; and
  • Legal, accounting, insurance, and business advisory consulting services.
  • Suppliers so we can supply the service to you;
  • Technicians we engage to resolve faults concerning your service;
  • A credit reporting body or credit provider if you fail to make payments due under our CRA;
  • A fraud-checking agency to carry out checks;
  • Debt collection agencies and similar parties that assist with debt-recovery;
  • Specialist contractors for the purposes of research and development;
  • Other communication companies, for specific marketing campaigns;
  • Our professional advisers, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers;
  • Other telecommunications and information service providers, for example, for billing purposes;
  • Your authorised representative or contact person in the manner you have agreed to;
  • Your legal advisers, if requested by you to do so;
  • A duly authorised government, regulatory authority or other organisation such as the TIO, when we are required or specifically permitted by law to do or to resolve customer complaints or disputes;
  • A specified recipient if a court order compels us to do so, and
  • Law enforcement agencies concerning the enforcement of criminal and other laws if we are compelled, or required to do so.

Ovation Group may also disclose personal information as authorised by privacy law for a range of other purposes, including:

  • Where necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat to health or safety;
  • For law enforcement or crime prevention purposes;
  • For the investigation of unlawful activity;
  • For the location of missing persons; and
  • For use in legal proceedings or dispute resolution.

In situations other than those described above, Ovation Group will not disclose personal information without the customer’s consent (although consent may be implied).

If we do disclose your personal information to our business partners or participating providers, they will use, deal with, and manage your personal information in accordance with their privacy policies. We will never sell or rent your personal information to external companies other than our business partners and participating providers.


Some of our service providers and/or business partners may be located in or have operations in other countries outside Australia. If we are permitted by law to do so, we may disclose your personal information to these providers or partners to provide our services to you. Currently, these locations include Canada and The Philippines.

When entrusting your personal information to overseas recipients we make sure that they have reasonable data handling and security arrangements in place.


Ovation Group understands the importance of protecting your personal information and ensuring that it is complete, accurate, up-to-date, and relevant. We take reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold about you from unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, loss, misuse, or interference by implementing a range of safeguards.

We have a process in place to only retain your personal information for as long as is reasonably required.


You are entitled to access personal information we hold about you. Please let us know the type of information you are requiring access to and how you would like to receive the information.

Access to your personal information is subject to some exceptions under the law. These circumstances include where we believe doing so would:

  • Pose a serious threat to life, health, or safety;
  • The information is protected by law;
  • Have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others;
  • Prejudice Ovation Group in legal proceedings or negotiations with you;
  • Reveal information connected with a commercially sensitive decision-making process; or
  • The information is commercial-in-confidence.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate, up to date, and complete. If you believe there are errors in the information we hold about you, you have a right to ask us to correct the information.

If you wish to have access to information Ovation Group holds about you, or correct or amend your personal information, you can contact us by emailing us at


Ovation Group collects information about other websites that are visited by computers that are used to visit our website. This information is used to provide us with information about what websites are being visited in addition to our own.

The main purpose of doing this is to enhance your user experience.

The types of data we collect include:

  • The Internet Provider address (IP) of the devices you use to access our website;
  • Geographical information; and
  • Domain details, search terms, pages visited, and date and times when visited.

When you use the Ovation Group website we send a cookie which is a small data file transferred onto devices or computers by websites for record-keeping purposes and to allow ease of browsing on websites. They enable us to identify your browser type and internet service, provider

Your browser may be configured to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify the user when a cookie is sent. If you reject all cookies, you may not be able to use our websites.


Please contact us by emailing us at if you do not want your personal information to be used in this way or to opt-out of receiving marketing information.

All of our direct marketing emails will include an opt-out or “unsubscribe” link you can click.

If you do opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications, but we need to communicate with you about an existing product you have or a service you are using, you will still receive communications about those products and services.

We will not charge you for any request to opt-out and will process your request in accordance with our legal obligations.


Ovation Group puts customers at the centre of everything we do. We aim to manage any privacy-related complaints promptly and fairly.

For more information on complaints or dispute resolution email us at