Retirement Resorts & Public Spaces

The importance of connectivity within retirement resorts and public spaces became even more pronounced in the last few years when the health and safety of vulnerable groups were brought into focus during the pandemic. Advanced connectivity in retirement developments and public spaces is invaluable. It can promote a far more vibrant community, helping social interactions to thrive.

What We Offer For Retirement Resorts & Public Spaces

In an ageing population, the demand for advanced connectivity is considered to be an essential aspect of retirement resort living, ensuring the independence and safety of residents. Advanced technology can revolutionise a retirement village, helping residents to gain greater service, mobility, and an enhanced connection to the outside world. However, technological solutions must be custom-created and offer a seamless user experience to be beneficial to these communities. Ageing generations can be particularly susceptible to network security issues, so networks need to be fully secure while offering advanced connectivity. Advanced technological facilities and streamlined services also offer endless advantages for staff.

Network security is an equally important issue in public spaces. Public spaces require efficient fibre solutions to be able to support the community. From the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and AV systems in public area networks to smart sensors for collecting data, or building management systems, we can assist government agencies to create safe and secure public spaces to enrich the community at large.

The Ovation Group Difference

We are passionate about assisting retirement resorts and public spaces to realise a higher potential. We can work with town planners, government officials, and retirement facility managers to deliver customisable solutions to enhance convenience and connectivity in retirement resorts and public spaces.

Discover how our ecosystem of tailored services can help your facility or space.