Residential Developments

The Ovation Group assists property developers, builders, architects, owners corporations and other stakeholders to provide a feature-rich ecosystem of essential services for mid to large-sized residential developments.

We specialise in the design, deployment and management of these services for residential developments to create sustainable, connected communities all over Australia.

What We Do

To help meet your goals, we work collaboratively with your team to understand your needs for each residential development. Then we’ll provide tailored solutions to match, with a focus on maximising sustainability and profitability in the most efficient way possible.

By enlisting our help early on in the process, we can notify you about sustainability rebates and housing development regulations, empowering you with information to help optimise your project. We can also assist you in managing existing residential property developments to ensure compliance in a changing regulatory environment or optimise existing services.

The Ovation Group Difference

Through our selective technology partnerships, The Ovation Group offers the latest technologies to facilitate ongoing building management, which can help support connected communities within residential areas.

This includes high-speed internet across high-rise apartments and expansive residential areas, integrated communications and security systems, electric vehicle charging solutions, maximising solar energy generation, and implementing the latest software for monitoring and managing utilities services.

Our diverse ecosystem of services can be tailored to meet your needs and maximise the potential of your next residential property development. When these essential services are integrated in the right way using the right technologies, they can create connected, enriched communities.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Book a complimentary discovery session to discuss our suite of solutions for your next project.