Our Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Mission

As one of Australia’s leading property and technology integration companies, we are entrusted to assist businesses in harnessing the benefits of innovation to help reduce the carbon footprint of the wider community, while working collaboratively with our partners to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and security of the industry’s ever-growing energy demands.

The Ovation Group aspires to help developers navigate the journey towards the decarbonisation of their assets, by driving net-zero outcomes that results in a more sustainable future.

Our mission is to deliver a better, more sustainable environment for the future. We offer a sustainable ecosystem of services with a focus on renewable energy generation and storage.

Sustainable Initiatives

Our entire business model is centred around increasing efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and implementing sustainable practices.

Each of our sustainable utilities services has a focus on efficiency, and incorporates the reduction of non-renewable energy sources and greenhouse gases, as well as the optimisation of existing sustainable solutions.

These sustainable services include:

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Water-Saving Solutions
  • Electric Car Charging Solutions
  • Solar Energy Solutions
  • Energy-Efficient Climate Control
  • Restoration & Retrofitting to Modernise Older Developments
  • Solutions to achieve emissions and climate targets

Discover how we can assist you in working towards your sustainability goals.