Centralised Asset, Building & Lifestyle Management

The Ovation Group is proud to exclusively partner with WeWumbo, Australia’s first fully integrated Building Management System and lifestyle platform. WeWumbo sets a new benchmark in asset management, while delivering a seamless experience for both building managers and residents.

Why Are Building Management Systems So Important?

The ever-increasing cost and decreasing availability of property in Australia, particularly in the most coveted pockets of our major cities, means that large regions of our country are moving towards high-density living at a rapid pace.

Developers, architects, and builders have a responsibility to create connected communities in high-density areas that can still benefit from intelligent communications and other essential services infrastructure.

By the same token, property managers and building managers need to have advanced building asset management tools in their arsenal to be able to meet the increasing and ever-changing demands of residents.

The Ovation Group Building Management Systems

We have partnered with We Wumbo, a sophisticated Asset & Lifestyle Management system to assist building managers to maximise operational efficiency and manage their assets more easily. This building management tool allows building and facility management teams to analyse reports, raise maintenance requests, manage residents, track storage space and more.

This asset management software acts as a significant value add for developers and property owners or investors. But critically, it also benefits residents, allowing them to connect with their immediate community, access information about the property and the wider building, and stay up to date on the latest building news and announcements.

To learn more and access this intuitive building management system, contact us today.