Renewable Energy Production & Storage

Born from our passion for sustainability, Ovation Renewable Energy Production, including our Energy Batteries, Power Storage and Generation products, are designed to address your most challenging problems.

Ovation’s Energy Battery technology is underpinned by the vision to deliver reliable energy independence, even under the most restrictive conditions. Renewable energy production is the way of the future, working to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable planet. All aspects of Ovation Energy Batteries, from design to system control, are geared towards improving how energy is made, used and stored.

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy in Australia is abundant, with the sun, wind, and waves acting as renewable energy sources. This allows us to diversify our energy supply, reducing air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases.

With government regulations in Australia changing to enforce the increased use of renewable energy sources, developers need to make the move to incorporate renewables into their projects as soon as possible.

Renewable energy production reduces greenhouse gases in the environment and provides a sustainable and self-sufficient form of energy. Renewable energy sources can also save Australian households hundreds of dollars each year, while avoiding surging energy costs.

By enlisting the help of a trusted renewable energy provider, developers and owners corporations can promote sustainability and help residents reduce their annual energy expenditure. With inflation rapidly increasing, this can represent substantial savings for both property owners and tenants.

We can assist with all your renewable energy needs, including:
  • Solar Photovoltaic Power Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Solutions For Remote Sites
  • Batteries For Solar Energy Storage
  • Consultation On Renewable Energy
  • Modernisation/Transitions to Renewable Energy

Ovation: Your Renewable Energy Provider

The Ovation Group is a partner to Australia’s leading Renewable Energy companies. Sustainability and Energy efficiency are crucial components of all that we do. We can devise sustainable solutions for your new developments as well as optimise your existing developments to suit your requirements and satisfy regulations. This also includes retrofitting and modernising older buildings and facilities to upgrade to more sustainable energy environments.

Learn how we can customise renewable energy solutions for your next development.