Our Services

At The Ovation Group, we’re proud to have a feature-rich suite of services that work synergistically to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible.

Electrical Embedded Networks

An Embedded Electrical Network is where electricity is configured to allow the owner of the sit

Embedded Grid Design, Engineering & Project Management

Developers and property managers all over Australia are currently addressing challenges whe

Fibre Networks

At Ovation, we fully design, deliver and manage your communications network. Our dedicated te

Renewable Energy Production & Storage

Renewable energy in Australia is abundant, with the sun, wind, and waves acting as renewable en

Solar Energy Solution

Solar energy is a clean energy source generated from a self-sufficient system of panels, typic

Centralised Hot Water

At Ovation, we work closely with developers, builders, architects, engineers and Owners Corp

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric vehicles support a more sustainable future. By using a rechargeable electric batter

Centralised Asset, Building & Lifestyle Management

The ever-increasing cost and decreasing availability of property in Australia, particularl

Modernisation & Retrofitting Existing Assets

Heritage buildings and older structures often hold cultural or historical significance or ar

Project Management

Designing, building and integrating an Embedded Network for both new and existing developmen

Network Management, Billing & Reporting

Network Management involves monitoring and maintaining an organisation’s information tech

If you need a customised service solution to meet your needs or have a unique project you’d like to discuss, we can tailor a solution for you. We understand that every project involves unique challenges and may include specific service requirements.

Discover how we can provide a customised services package to meet your requirements.