Owners Corporations & Strata Management

Strata management and owners corporations face a number of burdens today, such as a changing regulatory landscape and the ongoing pressure to minimise rising operating costs. As the cost of living increases and Australian property prices become more unattainable, the pressures on strata management and owners corporations increase.

What We Do

We can assist all kinds of owners corporations, from those managing mid to large-size high-rise residential properties to commercial properties, office spaces, and more. We offer development consulting, facility and building management services, financial and budget planning, utilities management, and legislation consulting. We can deliver a fully embedded customised solution to meet the needs of a variety of different communities, with sustainability the key focus.

Our solutions can assist strata management, while minimising operating costs for owners corporations. By implementing more efficient systems when it comes to asset and energy management, we implement more efficient solutions and create additional income streams. We implement sustainable solutions such as self-sufficient solar energy and innovative HVAC and network solutions that can reduce your facility’s energy expenditure and reduce the carbon footprint of your community.

The Ovation Group Difference

At The Ovation Group, we work with strata management teams and owners corporations. We have the knowledge and skills to assist these stakeholders to solve problems for their respective communities. At the same time, we understand that each facility is a little different, and faces unique challenges. Therefore, we offer an agile service that can be customised according to your changing needs.

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