Modernisation & Retrofitting Existing Assets

In a rapidly changing world, we often need to update a building’s facilities and utilities to create a more comfortable, connected space with all the modern comforts and amenities possible. We specialise in the modernisation and retrofitting of these spaces, including older or heritage buildings.

What Does Modernisation & Retrofitting Involve?

Heritage buildings and older structures often hold cultural or historical significance or are architecturally sound. In these scenarios, it is not possible – or advisable – to remove them in place of a newer structure.

Instead, modernisation and retrofitting of buildings is an attractive and cost-effective option for developers. This typically includes updating dated design features and adding modern technologies and energy-efficient services. However, this needs to be done delicately to avoid compromising the integrity of the building’s heritage elements, or other significant features.

Our Unique Modernisation & Retrofitting Experience

The Ovation Group has a wealth of experience when it comes to property restoration and retrofitting dated buildings. We can add all the modern luxurious comforts possible while maintaining the integrity of the site. We can also assist with energy-efficient retrofitting services and upgrading properties by adding renewable, self-sufficient energy sources such as solar power panels.

Whether you’re conducting a complicated renovation and extension or completing an asset restoration, we can assess your development and advise you on any regulatory requirements. We can also advise on any heritage restrictions relating to your development. We’ll guide you through the process, connecting you to the required services.

Learn how we can help optimise your renovation, restoration or retrofitting project.