How We Help Owners Corporations

Owners corporations have a challenging job in today’s environment. Strata managers and owners corporations are looking to streamline their processes, work towards sustainability goals and create additional revenue streams by implementing Electrical Embedded Networks. All this requires a significant commitment of time.

Embedded Networks and Grid Solutions require a considered and detailed approach which allow for increases in demand, while ensuring the uptake of Solar PV, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles (EV) and other associated utilities is not affected. Our networks are specially engineered to guarantee delivery and availability.

What is An Embedded Network?

An Electrical Embedded Utilities Network is where the owner of a site delivers utilities services to the residents or inhabitants of the site as a shared energy resource. The site owner manages the distribution of utilities and billing for a set fee.

This not only makes the delivery of services simpler for residents, but it also means that both residents and site owners can benefit from better pricing. Owners Corporations can also on-sell energy to residents, generating an additional revenue stream from the property.

How We Can Help Owners Corporations

We help owners corporations, strata committees and property owners to system navigate the process of understanding the features and benefits of an Embedded Network Solution. We can advise them on their current networks, helping to make their networks more efficient. Once we install an embedded solution, we can also provide ongoing consultation and maintenance to ensure the successful deployment of your network.

These comprehensive essential services infrastructure solutions can be implemented prior to the construction of a development or later when a client needs help with building or asset management.

The Ovation Group Difference

The Ovation Group is passionate about creating connected communities and can implement the latest technological management solutions to increase efficiency and communication within communities.

We can provide innovative utilities management solutions for mid to large-sized assets, such as high-rise residential buildings. With our holistic approach and a wealth of experience, The Ovation Group is uniquely positioned to assist owners corporations to transition to an Electrical Embedded Network, or implement other sustainable solutions for their assets. We have a diverse range of experience with both new sites as well as older facilities and heritage buildings.

Owners corporations can benefit from our feature-rich ecosystem of services, which offer transparency and guaranteed delivery. When owner’s corporations consolidate their utilities management and implement renewable energy solutions, they also have peace of mind

Discover how we can provide a customised services package to meet your requirements.