Solar Installation

Solar power is the most cost-effective power source in the world and offers clean, renewable energy. Our commitment to sustainability incorporates a wealth of experience when it comes to solar installation and solar panel optimisation.

We can deliver a wide range of solar power solutions for residential and commercial projects and have the capacity to demonstrate detailed ROI projections by project. We also have a variety of finance options available.

The Advantages of Solar Panels

Solar energy is a clean energy source generated from a self-sufficient system of panels, typically installed on the roofs and walls of buildings in well-lit areas. It currently provides clean, efficient energy to almost one-third of Australians.

The process of generating solar energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. With the rising cost of non-renewable energy all around Australia, solar energy offers a cost-efficient alternative that is also kinder to our planet.

Optimising Your Solar Energy

We can assess new sites prior to solar installation to determine how many solar panels are required and provide details on how much energy our clients can hope to generate using the proposed number of panels. Where needed, we can even facilitate the transfer of solar power from one site to another.

Solar energy efficiency can vary according to where solar panels are placed and how they are positioned. For existing sites, we can conduct an assessment to ensure that the existing solar panels are maximising the available sunlight and are generating energy efficiently. After this initial assessment, our expert partners can make recommendations utilising the latest nano technology in order to improve the efficiency of your existing solar panels. We can also assist with applications to redeem you Carbon Credits.

Additionally, we also offer off-site solar power generation, where energy is drawn from nearby solar panel sites to power other buildings.

Ultimately, solar installation or solar power optimisation can dramatically reduce energy consumption, offering a cleaner, more efficient energy source.

Discover how we can implement solar for you or help optimise your existing solar panel systems.