Embedded Grid Design, Engineering & Project Management

We specialise in Embedded Grid Design, Engineering, and Project Management. This encompasses a whole host of services, from the design phase all the way through to deployment, as well as consultancy services for developers and property owners.

What Does Embedded Grid Design, Engineering & Project Management Involve?

Developers and property managers all over Australia are currently addressing challenges when it comes to efficient energy regulations and environmental constraints for new developments. Embedded Electricity Networks need to be able to cope with the specifications of renewable energy. Specifically, our clients need to be able to access innovative Embedded Grid design solutions with the capacity to address the changing needs of Australia’s energy requirements. Australians need an electricity grid solution that is flexible, reliable, and efficient.

Further, these Embedded Electricity Networks need to be able to integrate with modern technologies and systems, with increasingly complex functionality. In doing so, communities can benefit from intelligent systems with the latest technologies to enhance their daily lives.

This comprehensive service incorporates the implementation and ongoing management of all your Embedded Network services, such as:
  • Designing, Building, Delivering & Maintaining Embedded Networks
  • NBN Pit & Pipe Design, Build & Compliance
  • Cable Pathway Architecture & Engineering
  • Asset Inspection & Compliance Audits for NBN & Council
  • Delay Prevention & Risk Mitigation Services & Strategies
  • Off-Grid Power Generation & Storage
  • Essential Services Infrastructure
  • Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Remediation of Non-Compliant Infrastructure
  • Upgrading Networks to Improve Sustainability

How The Ovation Group Can Assist With Your Embedded Grid Network

The Ovation Group is uniquely placed to assist with your ongoing Engineering and Project Management needs when it comes to Embedded Networks.

Discover how we can assist with your Embedded Grid Network needs.