Centralised Hot Water

We specialise in the design, provision and management of Centralised Hot Water systems for apartments, retirement homes, hotels, commercial spaces, and other medium to large high-density developments. Our service delivery also includes the metering systems supported by our insightful Reporting & Billing platform. In many cases, the associated costs can be offset, allowing developers and builders to reduce project costs

Optimising Your Centralised Hot Water System

At Ovation, we work closely with developers, builders, architects, engineers and Owners Corporations to design and deploy new Centralised Hot Water system or retrofit older buildings with new systems to maximise energy efficiency, enhance reliability, reduce costs and meet the needs of the wider community.

Ovation also offer ongoing management and support for your Centralised Hot Water system, which can be easily accessed through our dedicated customer portal, which offers intelligent insights on water usage, water temperature and efficiency.

With the integration of our smart solar solutions, Ovation can further reduce the carbon footprint and emissions by providing a renewable source of energy. This strategy allows for the generation of clean energy to power the hot water system, while also protecting against rising energy costs.

Water heating can account for up to 27% of Australian residents’ energy consumption, so energy efficiency is crucial when it comes to your hot water system. The centralised hot water systems we use are self-sufficient solar systems, providing a sustainable water heating solution for our clients.

Learn how we help optimise your existing hot water system or implement new, energy-efficient centralised hot water systems.