Hotels & Resorts

In an increasingly competitive commercial landscape, hotels and resorts face a myriad of challenges. The creation and management of hotel and resort developments is a business in and of itself. Luckily, by implementing the right management systems, networks, monitoring services, and energy solutions, hotels and resorts can streamline their operations, reduce operating costs, and create fully functional, connected communities for guests.

How We Help Hotels & Resorts

We provide innovative solutions and technologies to hotels and resorts, from the beginning of the development phase to completion and beyond. Hotels and resorts have unique and complex requirements, including robust support systems for staff and an extensive technological network for guests. In large resorts, these challenges can rapidly multiply, especially as guest expectations increase. Guests expect seamless service and a flawless internet connection that can be accessed throughout all major areas of the property.

We assist hotels and resorts with the transformation of heritage buildings, from modernisation services to the creation of complex technological solutions to increase connectivity. This can include innovative room technology and the latest in network security and data backup services. We also specialise in customised building management programs, giving hotels and resorts the ability to monitor and communicate with guests to provide a superior experience. We can offer complex solutions to ensure that existing technological structures within the facility are supported fully, including AV systems and security and maintenance systems. We can also engineer innovative entry and exit points for guests.

Energy and power management is a major factor when it comes to hotels and resorts. Proper energy insights can drastically affect operating costs for hotel and resort businesses. By implementing clean, self-sufficient energy sources within your site, we can help you reduce energy expenditure significantly, helping you to boost revenue and reduce your environmental impact.

The Ovation Group Difference

Our experience with large and complex projects enables us to provide a backbone of complex solutions to support the intricate technological framework of hotels and resorts. These businesses can vary significantly in size and complexity of services, which means that we need to provide a flexible range of services to cater to the unique needs of these groups.

We can offer bespoke solutions for hotels and resorts, whether they require an intelligent symmetrical high-speed internet network for a high-rise building or the technology to support a complex security system. This support can increase efficiency for hotels and resorts and radically improve the guest experience.

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