Greenfield & Brownfield Sites

Greenfield sites are brand-new sites featuring bare land with no structures, requiring zoning, planning, site surveying and feasibility studies in order to develop them. Brownfield sites, on the other hand, are existing assets or operations which often need to be retrofitted or modernised to realise their potential. Whether you’re working with a greenfield or brownfield project, it can help to have expert assistance to unlock your site’s potential.

What We Offer Greenfield & Brownfield Sites

Greenfield developments offer a blank slate on which to build, yet, they often require in-depth knowledge of the zoning and compliance process in order to ensure adherence to deadlines from the very beginning. Effectively managing a greenfield development can help you to unlock greater efficiencies within the development process. Greenfield developments may involve working in previously uninhabited areas, which often means that developers need to have a future-focused outlook to effectively plan for the subsequent use of the land.

Brownfield developments, on the other hand, are older sites which have previously been developed and may be bound by heritage restrictions. Brownfield land may have previously been used for alternative purposes and are no longer in use. Existing structures or materials often need to be removed within brownfield developments, and developers need to implement eco-friendly waste removal services. As urbanisation increases, brownfield developments are becoming increasingly common. And, while brownfield sites can present an exciting new opportunity for developers, they can also be bound by complicated heritage restrictions which require navigation by a seasoned team of professionals.

The Ovation Group Difference

Both brownfield sites and greenfield sites require a broad range of experience to be able to maximise each site’s potential. Brownfield sites in particular may benefit from certain government rebates or initiatives, which require specific knowledge to access. We can provide a comprehensive range of services to assist developers working with both brownfield sites and greenfield sites in order to unlock each site’s unique potential.

The earlier in the process we are consulted, the higher the chance that we can assist you to realise your site’s potential, and unlock potential time and cost savings for your project.

Discover how our ecosystem of tailored services can assist your development.