Who We Help

The Ovation Group works with a diverse range of stakeholders, fostering close working relationships with developers, architects, engineers, project managers, owners corporations, councils and individuals to build successful partnerships. These partnerships allow us to create endless opportunities while maximising efficiencies and return on investment.


We work with developers who are searching for more sustainable solutions or seeking to save time and maximise their return on investment, particularly when working on mid-large-scale developments.

Owners Corporations

The Ovation Group aims to help these groups by streamlining utilities infrastructure for the benefit of developers, owners corporations, strata managers and committees, property owners, and, in turn, the wider community. We specialise in the design and deployment of essential services for new developments and existing sites, such as apartment blocks, retirement homes, and office buildings.


We provide innovative, sustainable solutions that ultimately affect residents, and tenants in particular. Our integrated solutions come with a high level of customer service, including dedicated customer portals for streamlined asset management and satisfied tenants who can reap the benefits of a vibrant, connected community.

Discover how we can provide a customised services package to meet your requirements.