“The Crossing” 173 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs

Project Goal

The Ovation Group was tasked to engineer, design and deliver an integrated communications backbone that needed to seamlessly support Pay TV, Public Access Wi-Fi, Asset Monitoring, CCTV and Access Control.

Project Details

This large residential development in leafy Caroline Springs needed to meet the complex and changing needs of what would soon be a thriving residential community.

We assisted and educated the developer in order to help them understand and appreciate the benefits associated with a fully embedded electrical network as well as the ecosystem Ovation provides. This resulted in the delivery of highly efficient, sustainable solutions that added immeasurable value to the asset.

Services Provided
  • Embedded Electrical Network
  • Embedded Hot Water System
  • Lift-line Wireless Communications Gateway
  • Telecommunications Pathway Design
  • Telecommunications Council Compliance Documentation
  • Telecommunications VC81 Forms 1 and 2
  • Infrastructure Planning & Design
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Monitoring and Management of Embedded Infrastructure to Practical Completion
  • Full Management, Support & Billing of all Essential Services

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